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About Finesse

FINESSE is a Singapore-based Fintech Company, focusing on B2B2C Digital Wealth Solutions for Financial Institutions to digitalize their platforms to power their businesses.

Our Product Solutions accommodate a variety of businesses and are tailored to segment-specific client groups.

Finesse Engine builds on existing core Banking system to introduce the Innovative Digital Investment Solutions in retail banking, private banking, family office and asset management firms.
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White Labeling

We build end to end digital platform to enable fast and effective sales and operations to reach wider markets.
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Relationship Manager’s Support Tool

Hybrid approach in Digital Advisory Solution which is to combine existing human relationships with customers and our robust data-driven CRM tool are one of key factors of Financial Institutions’ success.

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Modular based


Back-End System

Robust Portfolio
Management Module

Digital Transformation is inevitable for Financial Institutions.With new era of digitalization, we aim to set a new standard for the kind of personalized digital experience that clients expect from financial institutions.

Digitalization is both a major strategic challenge and an opportunity.As a technology partner, our focus is to build a platform to capture those opportunities.

Kayoko Francis, CEO

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