Digital Onboarding

Onboarding new customers through fully integrated digital experience.

We make onboarding a unique, consistent and effective digital experience across all business channels and devices.

Robo Advisory

Highly tailored asset allocation, investment and rebalancing proposals.

We offer financial institutions white label solution to automate the process of financial planning, saving and investing for customers.

User-Friendly CRM System

We design the platform with the focus on customer centric workflow.

Our dashboard is a powerful tool for banks to identify financial and non-financial needs to help them achieve their goals.

Digital Family Office

Our digital Family Office platform provides holistic offerings from investment advice to lifestyle support by mixing personal touch with technology to help them achieve their life objectives.

Data Analytics

Financials institutions use Finesse Data Analytics to gain insights that help them improve service, capture new opportunities, and stand out from the competition.

AI-powered Customer Chatbot

Our AI-led customer chatbot offers banks with virtual assistant for their customers.

Banks can interact with their customers 24/7, from automating Q&A to recommending suitable investment portfolio for each customer.

Integration Capabilities

Core Banking System

Finesse API engine seamlessly integrates with many core banking systems to facilitate digital customer onboarding. We enable existing online bank customers to login to our Robo Advisor Platform and manage funding.


We are partnering with Digital Brokers to enhance your business and expand your customer base across the continents. We integrate with Digital Brokers via Open API and take the transformation burden while you can focus on the business.

Trading Platforms

Our API enable brokers to build a bridge to connect their back-end system to the Trading Platforms. Finesse Engine effortlessly integrate with the Trading Platforms to allow trade executions.

Backoffice Systems

Finesse API integrates with many Backoffice Systems, Reporting Systems, Portfolio Management Systems and User Management Systems to smoothen the business processes.

Custodian Integration

We enable rapid integration with many custodians to custodize your business.